Social Welfare

To serve the society as well as the community as a whole is an important need of the community. There are many human beings who live without basic necessities.

There are many virtues to aid the helpless human beings from the Almighty. Today giving a penny will be the investment for the life of hereafter and also the reward of helping others in this life too. Help is necessary in reaching the right people. Jamia Arabia Hathaura is playing an important role to reach to the needy and helpless human beings on behalf of the donors.

Jamia Social Welfare is leading the charge in identifying the pressing issues facing the social work profession and shaping curriculum and scholarship to meet the field’s emerging needs.

• Promoting the Nation’s Health and Mental Health
• Poverty and the Empowerment of Women
• Harnessing Technology to Enhance Behavioral Interventions and Improve Service Delivery
• The Challenge of an Aging Society