Appeal made by Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Sayed Siddique Ahmad Bandwi (RA) in 1959

My dear Muslim Brothers, It is my proud privilage to put forth the following lines before you giving an introduction of the services being rendered by Madrasa Jamia Arabia Hathaura, Banda, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.

Nine Years ago in 1950 I was serving as a teacher in Madrasa Islamia Fatehpur. I was very much shocked to see that conversion of Muslims was emerging in Banda District, and a few Muslims have already given up Islam. I realized that it was the result of non-existence of any Madrasa in the District which could give the preaching of Islam to the needy. Consequently I resigned from Madrasa Islamia Fatehpur, came to Banda and started making tours and travels to the region with an aim to spread Islam. During the travels I felt that majority of the Muslims of the region were ignorant of the basic teachings of Islam. It was because of this that they could make no difference between Islam and paganism, and were likely to be drifted away with the tide of paganism.

The need of religious teaching was the call of the time. Efforts started to establish religious schools (Maktabs) at various places and to open a central Madarsa which could meet the need of the secondary stage i.e. could impart teaching in Dars-e-Nizami to the students of these Maktabs and thereafter they could go to the centres for higher or studies to complete the course of the religious teaching. Quite a long time passed in search of suitable land for this Central school. Friends and well wishers came forward, to give help to start teaching in a house which was purchased in the hamlet Naraini. Teaching started. But because of non-congenial atmosphere it could not continue. Efforts were made at other places of the District but could yield no result. So wished Allah.

At last the work was started in our small village Hathaura District Banda (U.P.) with an anchor-age on Allah.  Some of my students in Fatehpur got transferred to Fiathaura and started the study of Dars-e-Nizami.

These students faced hardship. A gentleman and large hearted person of the village pro-vided and spared a small room of his house in which he resided. That room was used as class room day and as dormitory at night. Whatever time I could spare I took their classes; and this state of affair continued for some days. Then Allah bestowed upon us His blessings and the condition took a turn to ease. A few large hearted persons donated land and construction started on it. People started sending their children to the Madrasa. A few rooms of earthen walls with Khaprail roof were built. Students coming from outside began to reside in it. Afterwards the construction continued with the help of the students and teaching classes were held steady. The students faced much hardship but did not loose courage. Their dauntless courage resulted into twelve big rooms and a big hall existing today, with earthen walls and Khaprail roofs, The courage and work of the teaching staff, who served well despite of meagre resources and hardships, is appreciable. May Allah bestow upon them the best return. (Aameen)

This place is situated in the interior and away from the district head quarter and things of daily use are hardly available here. There is no Laundry no tailor, no barber, no meat seller. The barber comes from Chhanera Lalpur one Mile away from here. There is no Flour Mill. Things of daily use re purchased from Banda. 10 miles away from here. For fuel wood the students have to go to a jungle a mile away from here. At this time pointed leaves of the dates prick them and they are hurt. The students prepare their meals themselves because there was no cook. And it is worth seeing the rows of fires when the students cook their foods.

After meals the students start studying. They study from morning to noon, after Zuhar to Asar, after Maghrib up to lsha in the guidance of the teacher. They again rise up late in night and study. To sum up we can say that there is a routine which reminds one the pupils of suffa, and thus the lovers of the knowledge of the prophet (P.B.U.H) are busy with their simple and unsophisticated daily routine even in this age of machines and development. May this sapling flourish to full growth and may Allah remove all these hardships. (Aameen)

Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Sayed Siddique Ahmad Bandwi (RA),

Founder, Jamia Arabia Hathaura Banda