The Islamic institution Jamia Arabia Hathaura, Banda, Uttar Pradesh, a deep rooted academic institution in democratic India has been established to meet the mounting needs of Islamic propagation in India and to fill the emptiness in the field of meaningful Islamic higher studies.

About 16 KM away in the east of Banda city, Hathaura Village is sitauted on Banda-Baberu Road. It is about 2 KM away from this road. It’s a small hamlet with its original inhabitants as Husaini, Wasti and Sadats. Earlier, the village was called Husainpur but because of Syed. Husain Ahmed’s Karamat (Super Human Happening), it was named Hathaura.

After 1947 when India got freedom and after the subsequent disturbance and violence in the uneducated and down-trodden Muslims of the regions faced danger of mass conversion. In those days, Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Siddiq Ahmad Bandwi RA, the founder of Jamia Arabia Hathaura was a teacher at Fatehpur. When he came to know about it, he was shocked. To stop this and to spread the teachings of Islam, he established Jamia Arabia Hathaura in the year of 1952. The start was made under a khaprial roof of the village mosque. Soon after, the needs of Jamia multiplied rapidly. Number of Students increased and new roms were constructed in 1975 and a grand ocnference was held at Hathaura in which more than ten thousands persons participated.

The Jamia has completed its 61 years of its establishment, struggle, sacrifice and ultimate success. It has now grown into a big institution, which has not only crossed the state and national border but also stepped in many countries like Nepal, Malaysia, Africa, U.S., U.K. and many more. At present, Jamia has students from different countries and its branches in India and in many other countries. Every year a notable number of students complete their education.

During the past years, after the establishment of the Jamia Arabia Hathaura in 1952, about many batches of scholars have graduated and they are by the grace of Allah, rendering momentous services in different fields, related to Islamic propagation and education in India and abroad.

Jamia looks like a fresh rose amidst of unfertile desert. Football and cricket are the two the favourite sports of the students of Jamia.

The beauty and glory of Jamia is spell bounding. Once in Jamia, you will feel a divine wisdom and spiritual place. The greenery all around, innocent glances of grazing deers in the playground and water tanks and the warm and exclusive hospitality. This is all what you will get here.