It is known to all friends and concerned that the founder of the Jamia Arabia Hathaura, Hazrat Maulana Sayed Siddiq Ahmad Bandwi (RA) passed away on August, 28, 1997 (1418 Hijri). Although neither Maulana liked it nor was I willing, yet after him I was asked to shoulder the responsibility of the Jamia by the elders. Alhamdulillah three years have passed smoothly with the grace of the founder with guidance of the elders and Co-operation of the well wishers who made it possible for me to carry on the work left behind by my father, with satisfaction. Besides the Jamia the religious needs and cultural up keeping of the area are fulfilled on regular basis.

This is to let all concerned have a glimpse of the Jamia for that this introductory website has been published which includes the introduction, images, fervent appeal made by my father in 1959 and other usefull data. I hope it will be of use for all our well wishers.

I earnestly request all the concerned well wishes to spare some time and make a visit to the Jamia to have a first hand knowledge, and for us it will be encouraging.

Jazak Allah

-Maulana Habib Ahmad Bandwi Sb.

Nazim, Jamia Arabia Hatahura