Our Infrastructure


Buildings of Jamia are divided into three blocks which has classrooms, masjid, library with thousands of books.
It also accommodates students and staff and provides kitchen services to its residents and guests.
Jama Masjid
Jamia Library
Kids School
Girls School
Staff Quarters
Guest House
Electric and Water
Toilets and Bathrooms

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Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is located in the South-West part. The dome and floor are magnificent in beauty and architecture. It has been always a center of attraction for local people and our visitors from different parts of the world.

First Floor: 17 Rows
Second Floor: 17 Rows
Lawn: 2 Rows (Long Rows)
Lobby: 11 Rows

Jamia Library

Jamia Arabia Hathaura has some of the best library in the country. The library of Jamia provides comprehensive access to library holdings with thousands of books across the boundaries of individual faculties and disciplines.

Library Halls-:
Darul Mutala (Rooms: 2-: 12×30 Square Feet)
General Library (Hall: 1-: 6000 Square Feet)
Library for Textbooks (Hall: 1-: 6000 Square Feet)


Walk into one of the classrooms of the Interact building or one in the Lecture Hall Complex of Jamia Arabia and the spontaneous reaction is, great! Yes, it is. The classrooms of Jamia Arabia are well designed and provide an eco-friendly atmosphere surrounded by lush green grass and tall trees.

Total Number of Classrooms-: 80

More classrooms are under construction.


A hostel is a home away from home. Jamia Arabia Hathaura tries to provide its students a safe and secure accommodation.
Architecturally, the hostels are aesthetically laid out with plenty of open space and a lot of greenery.

Jamia Hostels-:
Dare Jadeed Two Floors (Rooms: 60)
Dare Qadeem Two Floors (Rooms: 62)
Darut Taleem Three Floors (Rooms: 40)
Maadul Atfal Three Floors (Rooms: 28)
Matbakh Two Floors (Rooms: 29)

More hostels are under construction.


Jamia has its kitchen and dining hall within the campus area.
It offers a versatile menu 2 times a day (Lunch and Dinner), along with delicious dishes and unbeatable service!
Our team loyally serves the students, staff and guests where cleanliness and hygiene could be maintained and the whole process could be completed with discipline.
Our friendly staff in the kitchen will ensure you have a great experience within our comfortable dining area.