Our Introduction

Jamia Arabia Hathaura, situated in Banda, Uttar Pradesh, is an established Islamic academic institution deeply rooted in democratic India.
The organization was founded with the aim of addressing the growing requirements for Islamic propagation in India and bridging the gap in the realm of meaningful Islamic higher education.

Hathaura Village, located approximately 16 kilometers east of Banda city along the Banda-Baberu Road, is a quaint hamlet. Its original residents belong to the Husaini, Wasti, and Sadat communities.

The village, once called Husainpur, underwent a name change to Hathaura due to the remarkable Karamat (miraculous event) associated with Syed Husain Ahmed.

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History Timeline

Our achievements, guided by Allah’s grace, have continued from the time of Indian Independence until the present day

India Got Freedom

Following India’s independence in 1947, the uneducated and marginalized Muslim communities in various regions encountered the threat of mass conversion due to the disturbances and violence that ensued.

Establishment of Jamia Arabia

During that period, Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Sayed Siddiq Ahmad Bandwi RA, the visionary founder of Jamia Arabia Hathaura, served as a teacher in Fatehpur. Upon learning of the situation, he was deeply moved. To counter this threat and disseminate the teachings of Islam, he established Jamia Arabia Hathaura in the year 1952.

Expansion of Jamia Arabia

Jamia Arabia Hathaura embarked on its journey under the humble shelter of a Khaprail roof within the village mosque. As time progressed, the institution’s requirements multiplied exponentially. The student body expanded, necessitating the construction of new rooms in 1975. A momentous event unfolded in Hathaura—a grand conference that witnessed the participation of over ten thousand individuals.

Evolving into a Premier Institution

amia Arabia has celebrated 72 years since its inception, marked by unwavering dedication, sacrifices, and eventual triumph. Today, it stands as a formidable institution that transcends not only state and national boundaries but also extends its influence to countries such as Nepal, Malaysia, Africa, the U.S., and the U.K.

Diversity at Jamia Arabia

Jamia Arabia currently enrolls students from diverse countries, and it has established branches not only in India but also in several other nations. Each year, a significant number of students successfully complete their education. Over the past years since the establishment of Jamia Arabia Hathaura in 1952, numerous batches of scholars have graduated. By the grace of Allah, these graduates are actively contributing to significant services in various fields related to Islamic propagation and education, both within India and abroad.

Beauty of Jamia Arabia

Jamia Arabia resembles a fresh rose blooming amidst an otherwise barren desert. The students at Jamia Arabia have a penchant for football and cricket. The beauty and grandeur of Jamia captivate the senses. Once within its premises, you’ll experience a divine wisdom and a spiritual ambiance. The lush greenery envelops you, and the innocent gazes of grazing deer in the playground add to the enchantment. The water tanks and the warm, exclusive hospitality complete the unique experience that awaits you here.