Nazim’s Message

Nazim Maulana Habib Ahmad Jamia Arabia Hathaura
Maulana Habib Ahmad Bandwi Sb.

A message from our Nazim, directed specifically to you…

It is widely acknowledged among friends and the community that Hazrat Maulana Sayed Siddiq Ahmad Bandwi (RA), the founder of Jamia Arabia Hathaura, departed from this world on August 28, 1997 (1418 Hijri).

Although neither Maulana liked it nor was I willing, yet after him I was asked to bear the responsibility of Jamia by the elders.

Alhamdulillah, many years have transpired seamlessly, under the benevolence of the founder, the counsel of the elders, and the cooperation of well-wishers. Their collective support has enabled me to continue the legacy left behind by my father with a sense of fulfillment.

In addition to Jamia, the religious and cultural requirements of the region are consistently met.

This serves as an opportunity for everyone to explore Jamia.

An introductory website has been created, encompassing details such as the institution’s introduction, images, and a heartfelt appeal made by my father in 1959. I trust that this resource will be beneficial for all our well-wishers.

I wholeheartedly urge all concerned well-wishers to dedicate some time and visit Jamia firsthand. Your presence will be encouraging for us.

-Maulana Habib Ahmad Bandwi Sb.
Nazim, Jamia Arabia Hathaura